Boyd Family, circa 1940

August 2008

Welcome to the next rendition of the Boyd-Bales Family Genealogy.I began this site on GeoCities back before Yahoo bought them out and wiped my site. I brought the site back alive at RootsWEB where it has lived for the past few years. Now we are migrating into our own hosted server and integrating this site with all of my other domains. I hope to begin to update the site with more regularity now that I have made the data dynamic. In the past it was always the thought of generating 7-8,000 html pages and uploading everything that made the update process a bear.

As always, should you have information you would like to share or corrections you feel need to be made, use the contact form and let me know.

Without a user account, all information on living family members including dates and location will be hidden behind the lable "Living". If you are a member of a family branch found on this site, send me documentation and I'll issue you an account once I review it.

June 2010

With the upgrade to TNG 8.0 this past weekend, everything went to pieces on this site. I am sure it's something I did and not the software, as once I installed a fresh version everything worked fine. But, in the process I lost all user data and most of my links to the photos and other documents. If you get here and can't log in you'll need to reregister...Use the Register for a User Account over at the bottom of the left sidebar.

One good thing...The Database is my very latest research...

Thanks for stopping by...Gary Boyd



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